Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Homework

As a teacher, I've begun to appreciate the importance of having the summer off.   There's no need to get up early, no deadlines, no pressure.  And after teaching for 6 years, I now completely understand the importance of taking a break.  The first 5 summers, I tried to pack as much into each day as humanly possible.   I'd run, work, take classes, plan lessons and do everything in my power to avoid taking a break.   Well, I'm too old for that now!  I need a break!

However, as a teacher, I also understand the importance of doing homework over the summer.  You've got to keep up your learning all year round!  So i decided I needed a summer project.  Something fun... that would also keep me busy!

My first thought was "Um, you're doing a half marathon in october, that sounds like a pretty good project".  But seriously?  I work out because I want my pants to fit, not because its fun.   Drinking beer while wearing my awesome medal at the end is the fun part! So while yes, I'm training for a half marathon (and a triathalon, 10K and potential duathalon), thats not going to be my summer "fun" project.  This is!

I always say that I don't have enough time to bake "fun" cupcakes. While I LOVE the opportunity to make cupcakes for any event, sometimes its nice to have a little liberty to make what I want.  It doesn't have to fit a theme or event or flavor because someone else wants it.  Its about what I want to make that week!  So that's going to be my project.... a cupcake a week! 

Cupcakes from my friend Eric's 30th birthday
And yes, I'm going to be totally clique and write a blog about it.   I think Maureen had the idea first so I'm going to give her credit.  And who knows... maybe some big shot book editor will be searching for cupcake recipes, come across my blog, want me to write a book, then make a movie about it.  You never know!  I just hope they get someone awesome to play me!

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