Thursday, August 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Dogfish Alehouse Fairfax!

As most of you probably know, I love good beer.  And really... what's not to love??   It just so happens that I live within walking distance of some amazing beer at the Dogfish Alehouse in Fairfax, VA!   I've spent my birthday here,  so I am really excited to be sharing their 2nd birthday with them today :)   

What I love about the Dogfish Alehouse is how friendly the staff is. They are always there for a good laugh and a smile, no matter how bad my day may have been!  And since they are so good to me, I try to bee good to them too.... by bringing them cupcakes!   So far this summer they have gotten the Snow Covered Mountain Cupcakes, Red, White and Blue Velvet Cupcakes and the Chocolate Coffee Milkshake Cupcakes.  I also had the opportunity to make the cupcakes for their New Years Eve Beer Dinner, which was so awesome.   So I knew I had to do something exciting for their 2nd Anniversary!

One of my favorite things to do is to make a design out of cupcakes. I think the coolest one I did was the Virginia Tech football field.  I think its just fun to make designs and they are so much easier to "cut" than a cake!

In retrospect I totally should have made the cupcakes using a recipe that had beer in it... but I was really going for the design more than the actual cupcakes (which is rare for me!) so I made a regular old devils food cupcake, yellow cupcakes and a buttercream icing.   All the recipes I have already posted, but I linked to them at the bottom!   Oh well, they still taste good and look awesome (if I do say so myself)

So here it is!  My amazing Dogfish cupcake anniversary creation

Blowing up a coaster with the overhead at school
The cutout on the cupcakes before icing

Happy Anniversary Dogfish Alehouse Fairfax!

My favorite devils food cupcakes and buttercream icing recipes
My favorite (right now) yellow cake recipe

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  1. woot! we come up with great ideas while drining :) -M