Tuesday, January 17, 2012

1 month down--- 30 by 30 update!

Have I really been 29 for a whole month?? 

So I can't believe its already been a month into my 30 by 30 list!  Time flies when you're having fun I guess :)   I feel like I've done a pretty good job getting stuff done, with quite a few more "plans in the works"  And since a lot of my list is things that will be done over time, I think its good to assess where I am :)

3.Take 30 yoga classes ---0
4. Average 30 miles of running/month---- total- 3.5
5. Take 30 spin classes--1
14.Average 3000m of swimming a week--weekly average= 1700

Obviously I have kinda failed at the exercise component of this challenge.  But I do have a few good reasons.   I am still recovering from foot surgery and so for the first week of my 29th year, I couldn't drive to the pool or gym.   And I am still not able to run or do Yoga (although I am trying to ease into running).   And spinning make my foot swell up like its a balloon.   However, like the theme of The Biggest Loser this season, there are really NO EXCUSES.  I need to get my butt in gear, get to the gym and get this show on the road.... without killing my foot.  Look for my swimming numbers to sky rocket!

6. Bake 30 new recipes---- 4 so far!

If i keep up this pace I'll be to 48 by the end of the year!   That might be a little intense.  Still I'm pretty proud of everything I've done so far this year in the baking front. 

9. Read 30 books--- 3  

I've set a pretty good pace on this so far... not sure I can keep up with it once lacrosse season starts.  Still, maybe going to the gym more will help :P   My favorite book this month was definitely "The Lucky One".   I couldn't put it down, even though Nicholas Sparks Books are fairly predictable.... I still enjoyed it.

12. Eat an entire hot dog.   DONE!

As soon as I told people that one of the things on my list was to eat a hot dog, everyone kept saying "It has to be the Vienna Inn".    The Vienna Inn is where my grandpa went for Happy Hour every day, where my parents got the keg for their wedding (yes, my Mom went to a bar in her wedding dress) and a popular "meet up" spot for High School friends.  So when my friend Joan wanted to meet up with Maureen and I, Vienna Inn is where we went.  And a chili dog was eaten.   And yum!  It was so delicious!   
Chili Dog Before

Joan and I about to take my first bite!
I will admit to the fact I REALLY wanted another  hot dog the other day when I went to Dogfish!

16. Run a race with a friend
- Not only did I register for the Reston Sprint Triathlon with the boyfriend (and will be kicking his butt), but Meghann and I registered for a 5K in April so that she could mark that off her 40 by 40 list

18. Send at least one "just because" card a month -- sent to my friend Joan in North Carolina

22. Complete at least three pins on pinterest/month--
 I did really well with this!  Not even including the cupcake pins.... here are the 5 pins I completed!
2. Bought the Taylor Measuring cup/scale (I really need to start using it!) 
3. Bought the Scrap Trap Bin (Its kinda awesome) 
4. Made Tomato Basil Zucchini --- Delicious! 
5. Made Cucumber Boats---- Mine were really more of a cucumber salad cause they did not stay in their "boats"

26. Watch all episodes of Bones--49/129 Episodes
 I am in LOVE with this show!  So much that I've watched all of season 1 and almost all of season 2!    Mike and I are kinda addicted so it really helped that we had a week off during this month where all of our chores were completed with Bones playing in the background.
28. Don't keep assignments longer than 2 weeks
Its really hard to assess this since I had a lot of "left over" assignments.  I've done my best to catch up and to grade all new assignments quickly.  I'll keep better track of this once the quarter ends and I start "anew".
29.  Have one night of Michelle time every 2 weeks and watch a Secret Single Behabior TV show or movie
First one was watching "Grey's Anatomy" and drinking some good wine.  Second was a Sunday afternoon of pizza, "Get Over It" and grading papers.  Both were awesome.

30. Buy only bottles of wine that cost more than $10.
This month's purchases were Bordy's Reisling and Naked Columbia Valley Reisling.  Both were good and I'd buy again. 

Overall, I'm pretty proud of myself so far.  Even though only one thing is technically crossed off my list, the ones that are throughout the whole year are off to a good start!  And there are very few on my list that I haven't at least started thinking about completing!

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  1. I love bones. I have seen almost all of them, but only in syndication, so sometimes I have to look up the chronology of certain relationships. Sometimes, I'm like "wait... who is he in bed with this week?"