Sunday, March 18, 2012

30 by 30: Has it been 3 months already??

As I spend my day recovering from an awesome St. Patricks Day, I realized its time to catch up on how I've spent the last month and see how well I'm doing with crossing things off my 30 by 30 list.  Its already been 3 months!
3.Take 30 yoga classes -2
4.Average 30 miles of running/month- 17
5. Take 30 spin classes- 5
13. Average 3000 m of swimming a week- 1800
I'm still having a lot of problems with my foot/ankle/leg/hip so doing anything but swimming or biking is tough.  Even spinning hurts like crazy sometimes when you have to do standing hill climbs.   But at least I'm sticking with it, which I'm proud of myself for doing.

6. Bake 30 new recipes - 5 new/14 total!
I'm pretty much a baking machine these days!  I am trying to bake more than just cupcakes, but cupcakes are definitely my favorites.  New Recipes (in case you missed them)

9.Read 30 books -2 new/ 6 total
I have really been slowing down on the reading due to the fact I'm just ridiculously tired (thanks lacrosse) so reading has not been something I've been doing a whole lot of.   And since I've been doing more swimming and walking at the gym, I can't really read while doing that!  I have a feeling it will pick up over the next month on our Spring Break trip. (last year I read 4 books in 5 days in San Diego) 

5. Two for the Dough by Janet Evanovich (did not like as much as the 1st)
6.  Another Piece of my Heart by Jane Green (I love chic lit so much I read this book within 72 hours of it coming out.  Could not put it down!)

11. Find a perfect brownie recipe
Not the perfect recipe, but it was definitely a good attempt

12.  Eat an entire hot dog 
13.Wake up without hitting snooze every day for a week (including weekends)
The most days I did it was two.  And they weren't even consecutive :P

18. send at least one "just because" card a month
Sent my cousins Joan and Kerry St. Patty's Day Cards... hopefully they actually checked their mail!

 19. Have a "staycation" in DC and visit a museum I've never been to (or havent been to in a REALLY long time...)
I was lucky enough to get to share my DC staycation with Maureen and Joan, both of whom I've known since I was a teenager.  Maureen and I have been friends since she let me borrow the series finale of "Full House" in 7th grade (seriously--- how traumatic is it that my power went out that day!) and our friendship has only gotten stronger through the years!  We've been on many a trip together (NYC, Philly, Chincoteague, weddings, Aruba, Denver...) and so it was awesome to get to use her comp night in DC for my staycation.  Joan and I were in Girl Scouts together growing up and spent three weeks traveling Europe together after I graduated.  Since she now lives in North Carolina, we don't get to see each other very much so I was SO glad she was able to come up and hang out with us!
While we didn't go to a museum I have never been to, we did go to the zoo, which I'm counting.  I LOVE the zoo and haven't been in like 4 or 5 years!  We got to see a few animals, but most were not outside since it was pretty cold!  But the Zebras were not on vacation, so I'm counting it as a sucessful trip!  And I even got started working on another one of my "to dos" (See #27)
Unfortunately I dont have a picture of three of us (the bartender could not handle the iPhone), but I can give you a summary of the events that occurred.
We got to see Pandas

And then we did Jell-o shots!

22.Complete at least three pins on pinterest/month
This one was super tough--- since I've been using my cookbooks more often, I'm not relying on pinterest for recipe inspiration
23. Make one new recipe from each of my cookbooks, otherwise throw them out 
I did pretty well on this completing 3! (Actually 5, but I haven't blogged the 4th or 5th one yet)... but I do have a LOT of cookbooks.
#1- Stuffed Vidalia Onions from Weight Watchers Slow Cook-It
#2- Dijon Green Beans  from Comfort Food Cookbook
#3- Peanut Butter Cupcakes (as part of Tagalong Cupcakes) from Martha Stewart's Cupcakes

26. Watch all episodes of Bones - Finished 109/129 episodes
Its almost sad that we are almost done with "Bones".  Towards the end of season 5 (when we might have watched 4 consecutive episodes while grading papers) we started stressing about what is going to happen when we actually have to wait a week between episodes!  And theres still the stress of having to catch up with season 7 (that's currently airing).  Having to wait until September/October for it to come out on Netflix blows.   

And I may have referred to myself as "King of the Lab" more than once at school.....  heehee
27. Sucessfully eat an entire meal using chopsticks.
Note to self: Chilli Cheese Mac & Cheese from Noodles and Company is NOT what I should use to practice. 
28. Don't keep assignments longer than 2 weeks
 Actually getting compliments from parents on my speed of returning work!

 29. Have one night of Michelle time every 2 weeks and watch a SSB tv show or movie 
Watched "Army Wives" and "GCB" and "Once Upon a Time" one night  without grading a single paper!  And then another night watched a Lifetime Original Movie with a glass of wine (and a pile of laundry) because I was in a very bad mood... it helped!
30. Buy only bottles of wine that cost more than $10.\\
 The discovery of cubes of wine has completely changed my approach to wine.  This is what my fridge looks like (and its been two months since I bought a bottle of wine!)

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