Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cupcake Challenge!

Last year I was able to participate in the National Capital Area Cake Show's Cupcake Challenge where the theme was "A Cupcake Cocktail Hour".  I had a great time showcasing my rum punch and white russian cupcakes and really learned a lot about myself and baking!  So this year, I was ready for the "Taste of the Seasons"!  And entering another cupcake challenge was on my 30 by 30 list!
Me and my table, thanks Jeanette

Punkin Cupcakes

I chose to enter two cupcakes into two different seasons.  I really thought about it a lot and tried to pick my cupcakes that best represented me as well as the seasons.   I ended up deciding on entering my Punkin Cupcakes into the Fall category and my Cherry Limeade Cupcakes into the Summer category.   Since the requirements for the competition involves making 9 dozen of each type of cupcake... so 18 dozen total!  Luckally they were mini cupcakes so it was not as daunting, still it required a lot of planning. 

Cherry limeade
And by planning... I mean going to see The Hunger Games , taking the dog to the vet, visiting my parents and watching Bones on Friday night.  My original idea was to get a lot done before then, but I was just too pooped!  When I got up at 630 on Saturday morning, and decided I wanted to go for a bike ride, my boyfriend promised by the time I returned the kitchen would be clean and ready to mess up again.   I was so pleased when I walked in the door and the kitchen was ready to rock!   And then when he left to go get breakfast so the kitchen wouldn't get messier, it was even better!!   The Greenbrier shopping center got our business this weekend :)  When you're making a zillion cupcakes in a small kitchen there is nothing better than it being clean, organized and empty of other people!

I was ready for action!

I don't think I could have gotten through the day without Mike or Maureen.  Mike had a lot of great ideas and ventured into the depths of the storage shed for decorations and then typing up the recipes for my recipe cards. Maureen came over in the afternoon and was super helpful in cleaning up my messes and taking care of all the little things I needed.   I seriously couldn't have asked for better help!  Plus it was so nice to have someone to keep me company!
My set up!

The actual event was so much more fun than last year!  I got a bunch of complements on my display and everyone seemed really excited about my cupcakes (especially the straw on top... no clue why!)  I was slightly stressed that my chocolate trick did not work for these cupcakes.  Not sure if it was b/c they were mini cupcakes and some were top heavy or what, but about half of my cupcakes ended up on their sides.  However, it was nothing a little little napkin and a well positioned cherry and straw couldn't fix.   And people really didn't seem to complain!   I was also able to finally able to use my mini moo cards and a couple people actually picked them up!  Hopefully they visit my site! :)  

I had a huge turnout of friends!  Thanks to Maureen, Mike, Gabe, Meghann, Jeanette, Elaine, Dan and Beth for coming out and supporting me!   And all that support must have paid off since my cherry limeade cupcakes came in 2nd place in the people's choice awards!  Yep, I'm officially a cupcake champion!!  I missed the actual awards ceremony as I was at the Cap's game, but when I saw my name on the website I might have squeeled!!!  I am SO glad I did it again and can't wait until next year (which everyone might already be planning for me.....)

My award winning cupcakes!

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