Wednesday, April 18, 2012

30 by 30 update: A Third of the Way there

Because it was such a crazy busy month (End of the quarter, lacrosse, spring break), I've decided to spare you the details of my exercise numbers so that you wait in anticipation for next month... how's Michelle's foot?? Can she run? Do yoga? Anything???   Also so we can focus on the positives that I accomplished this month including crossing THREE things off the list! 

6. Bake 30 new recipes (3 new, 18 total)
With the cupcake competition and then spring break, my numbers did go down!  But 18 new recipes in 4 months?? Thats an accomplishment!

9. Read 30 books (4 new, 10 total)
The one thing that traveling is good for... reading!  I was able to finish the March book club book, almost finish the April and read Diane Chamberlain's entire "Keeper of the Light Trilogy".  I was going to only read one of them, but I seriously couldn't put them down.  If you like good chick lit, I definitely recommend anything by Diane Chamberlain!

7. The Magic Room by Jeffrey Zaslow :   My book club actually got to talk to him the last time we read one of his books (The Girls from Ames) but since he tragically passed away in February, we were unable to.  This time we got to talk to the owner of the bridal salon featured in the book which was just as much fun!
8. The Keeper of the Light by Diane Chamberlain
9. Kiss River by Diane Chamberlain
10. In her Mother's Shadow by Diane Chamberlain

12.  Eat an entire hot dog (12/31/11)
I would like to say my current Hot Dog count is up to 2 :)   Maureen and I enjoyed beers and hot dogs before our opening day screening of The Hunger Games.  It was awesome.  I have also learned that apparantly I only eat hot dogs when they have cheese on them and they are accompnied by Fat tire and Maureen :)
 18.  Send a "just because" card once a month
Sent a card to a friend who was participating in a race and needed the support!

19.  Have a "staycation" in DC and visit a museum I've never been to (Feb 24th)
20. Go to a regular season NFL or NHL game (March 25th)
While I've been to both an NFL and NHL playoff game, I've never been to a regular season game of either (well that I remember.  In 2nd grade we went to girl scout day at the caps!)  I was lucky enough to get to go with Mike's family and we had a great time!   But I still think I might need to go to an NFL game in the fall too!!

22. Complete at least three pins on pinterest/month    
-Cupcake Transportation (that didn't really work for the competition but was fine for shamrock shake!) 
-Made my own granola bars!-----Not sure its worth it.... it really just would be easier (and cheaper) to buy at the store
23.  Make at least one recipe from each of my cookbooks or throw them out! (2 new, 5 total)
- I really need to work on this one!  There is actually a 6th one I just haven't blogged about.  But I'm looking forward to the summer when I actually have time to cook!

25. Compete in another Cupcake Challenge 
Not only did I compete, but I also won!   I'm already planning out next year where the theme is candy!  And I'll have home court advantage since it takes place at my high school!

26. Watch all episodes of Bones
Not going to lie, I'm pretty sad that I've done this.   We actually watched the last few episodes of season 6 (the last one available on Netflix) while on Spring Break (thank you jet lag for thinking we were on the East Coast and waking up at 5am!) and it was devastating (not to mention the death in the second to last epiosde!  Mr. Nigel-Murray!!).   We then had to figure out a way to watch the 6 episodes we had missed of the current season 7.    Thank you Hulu+, which was not only available to watch on my iPad, but once we got home we could watch it on the Xbox.  Now we are able to DVR the rest of the season.  But the fact we can't just say "Wanna watch a Bones?" and we have to wait a week is really depressing!

27.  Sucessfully eat an entire meal using chopsticks.
Yea still haven't done this... I tried at Tex Wasabi's in Santa Rosa, but I just ended up with a lot of chicken in my lap.

28.  Do not keep assignments longer than two weeks
 I've started putting sticky notes on assignments so I know I need to grade them by.  It definitely helps me from "putting things off" too long.

29. Have one night of "Michelle time" every two weeks
ABC Family definitely gets a lot of my business on this one.  I also caught up with the rest of season 4 of Mad Men on one Sunday.  

30. Don't buy bottles of wine costing less than $10. 
Go to Nappa.  This will never be a problem again... This month I bought
-Rapidan River Red (which I loved!)
- Hogue Late Harvest Reisling (a favorite)

and from Nappa/Sonoma
V. Sattui---  Late Harvest White Resiling, Moscoto (it has tiny bubbles!), Syrah, Pinot Noir and Off Dry Reisling
Gary Ferrel- Pinot Grigio
Envolve (Bachelor Ben's Winery!)- Pinot Noir

(Plus the two bottles of Dad's family red my parents bought in Fort Bragg)

Needless to say, I wont be buying much wine for a while....

Still have a long way to go, but I think I'm doing pretty well... and next month the most exciting one gets crossed off---- VEGAS!

Missed an update?   Wanna compare to last month?
December -- It begins

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