Thursday, April 12, 2012

Where in the world is Michelle???

Since I know all my loyal readers are dying to know why I haven't blogged in FOREVER, I thought it was time to explain.  OK really, I've had a bunch of people say "Your blog is called A Cupcake a Week and you haven't posted a new recipe in three!".   Well first... remember that week I posted four new cupcake recipes???  Totally makes up for this one!  And as disappointed as I am that I missed out on making fun Easter cupcakes, I have a very good reason for my absence.......

Spring Break!

So where in the world has Michelle been???

Well after a hectic week with two lacrosse games, a beer dinner and finishing up end of the quarter shenanigans, it was off to San Francisco with the family!   We had one  of the craziest airport experiences I've ever had (note to self: never leave on Friday before spring break...) and by the time we got there all I wanted was a nice cold beer

Cool glasses at Lagunitas
 And beer I did have!  After a few at Lagunitas, then it was off to Bear Republic for some Racer 5 and then it wouldn't be a trip to Northern California without stopping off to see Pliny 
My Dad's new app--- and the first time I wanted an iPhone
And of course, being in Northern California, you have to check out some wineries!  While I didn't get to go to the actual winery, I did "make" my family go to a huge beer/wine depot so that I could get a bottle of "The Bachelor" Ben's wine.    There were some absolutely beautiful wineries that we were able to visit!
View from Gary Ferral's Winery

Then it was off to the city of San Fran to do the "touristy" stuff.   Like visit Alcatraz, Fisherman's wharf, climb up a ridiculously long hill to get to Lombard Street and of course Ghiradelhi Square
Mike on Alcatraz with the Golden Gate in the background
View at lunch on Fisherman's wharf

 And I also got to eat the most amazing Mexican food ever!  Not only was it delicious, but we were serenaded by an awesome Mariachi band.  Definitely the perfect Mexican experience. 

I returned home, relaxed for a hot second, did laundry, graded papers and whipped up a batch of my famous snickerdoodles... and was off again!  This time, it was to NYC with Maureen for an event 20 years in the making!

  Yes!  We went to go see "Newsies" on Broadway.  It was amazing!!!  We also were able to squeeze in trips to Carrie Bradshaw's Stoop, The Shake Shack (with my all time favorite cheeseburger and a coffee milkshake that rival's McDonald's), Momofuko Milk Bar, some beer, some sangria, a Full House mini marathon,  and a trip to visit Bobby Flay at Bar Americain.  Oh and
French Onion Soup...omg
So needless to say.... I'm exhausted!  To come back to Easter Sunday, finalizing grades and lacrosse... well baking and blogging has been tough to squeeze in.   However, I assure you that these trips and the last few weeks have completely inspired some new cupcake ideas and I assure you these next few weeks (or maybe even months) are going to have some rocking new recipes... or at least attempts at rocking new recipes!

Spring Break was exhausting for everyone!

Coming soon.... to a blog near you!

-Russian River Cupcakes (made with Russian River beer!)
-Cereal Milk Cupcakes (inspired by Momofuko Milk Bar)
- Root Beer Float Cupcakes (everyone needs a little detox)
- The Man's Cupcake: Maple Bacon Beer Cupcakes

And how did being gone for a week (and recovering for a week!) affect my 30 by 30 list??  Well there are some things crossed off... but still a long way to go!  I have a few more cookbook reviews to write and some new brownie recipes to attempt!

and look for a new series, where I go back to the basics and discover if my "go to" recipes are really "go to"!


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