Tuesday, June 19, 2012

30 by 30--- How's it going??

So I am officially at the halfway point.   I know I missed last month but that whole getting engaged thing kinda got in my way of blogging... and forgetting to actually hit post! Oh yea... and work!   But I'm back and happy to announce that I get closer and closer to crossing things off my list

1. Go to Vegas!
Maureen and I headed to Vegas for a weekend of girl time and gambling!  Since I had never been, I really didn't know what to expect.   But what resulted was pretty awesome!     So what did we do in vegas?

We gambled!  First we bet on the Kentucky Derby (and Maureen won!)
 Then we started hitting up the slot machines (side note, I think this is the only time i played dollar slots the entire trip... penny slots is totally the way to go!)

We explored our hotel (Harrah's) where they have a Toby Keith bar, so we drank beer out of mason jars!   I was really hoping for Red Solo cups...

 Then we explored all the other hotels  and started to plan our next trip.   The Bellagio fountains were beautiful!!

We drank.... a lot.    Yay for Fat Tire and Jell-o shots.... for lunch

We went to the Hoover Dam... and went to two states at the same time! (hey you have to have something to tell Grandma about!)

 And overall had a FABULOUS time!   So glad that we got to do it!!!      It was definitly a great vacation and so far the highlight of my list :)

3. Take 30 Yoga Classes-- 5
4. Average Running 30 mile/month- 28.25 avg--- 34.5 last month and 37.5 total this month!  First months over 30
5. Take 30 spin classes-11
14. Average 3000 m of swimming a week - 2256
I've really been able to pick up the running, which is kinda awesome.  Its exciting to come home and say "I had a great run today".  And what is even more exciting is that it happens almost every time i run these days.  Its going to make that half marathon, olympic triathlon and the ten miler I just signed up for, a lot easier.   I was also able to sucessfully complete my Sprint Triathlon again this year, which was exciting.  I had my doubts because I had not been biking enough.   But I was able to push through and get there.  And it definitely inspired me to increase my spinning classes!

6. Bake 30 new recipes 7-new- 26 total
While May was a quiet baking month, June became quite crazy with baking!  Between engagement cupcakes and both Mike and Maureen's birthdays,.... a lot of baking was done!

26. Maple Bacon Beer Cupcakes (coming soon!)

9. Read 30 books- 7 new, 17 total
I have been definitely reading more, but I've also been reading longer books too!  It also helps that I've been trying to bike more so I can read while I do that

11. The Night Circus,  by Erin Morgenstern (VERY well written!)
12. The Wedding Beat, by Devan Sipher (which was predictable, but cute)
13. Jenneration X by Jen Lancaster
14. The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach (Which i LOVED)
15. Malaika by Van Heerling  (Book club for May)
16. The Hobbitt (Book Club for June)
17. Fifty Shades of Grey  (which was as steemy as I thought it would be)

My favorite was definitely Jen Lancaster's book.  I was seriously laughing out loud while reading... in the airport at close to midnight while we waited for the plane.  I thought Maureen was going to move away from me cause i was being obnoxious!  But I also did really love Fifty Shades of Grey as well.

10.  Bake Cake Pops
 I added this one to my list in early January, when I realized that I had put one thing on there twice (ironically it was also one I removed early in February due to knowing I could never afford it!)  Anyway, cake pops were one of those things that I never really thought I could do and wanted to challenge myself!   They were quite complicated but I was proud of my end result!  I just need to remember to leave plenty of extra time when baking cake pops!

11. Find a "perfect" Brownie recipe
Hopefully I will have more time to work on this this summer, becasue I'm still not 100% happy with it.

Brownies by Sweet Melissa 

18. Send one "Just Because" card a month
Sent two cards to people i haven't talked to in a while in order to reconnect

19. Have a "staycation" in DC and visit a museum I've never been to. (Feb 24) 
20. Go to a regular season NFL or NHL game.(March 25)
25. Compete in another cupcake challenge
26. Watch all episodes of "Bones"

28.  Don't keep assignments longer than two weeks
This one will be easy without kids all summer :) 

29.  Have one night of Michelle time every two weeks
I will say that planning a wedding makes this one really tough, but i'm really trying.  And summer reality TV really helps with this
Overall, I think I have really done well and am excited to keep up the good work!

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